PSU ACI Cheatsheet

03 Dec 2015

Connecting to ACI with ssh
Host xg                        # 'xg' is an arbitrary name you can make up
User [your_access_id]

Host xf
User your_access_id

Host hammer
User your_access_id

#Example for server with private key pair
Host my_aws_server
User your_access_id
IdentityFile ~/.ssh/your_ssh_key.pem

Then you can log in by just these commands in your terminal:

$ ssh xg
$ ssh xf
$ ssh hammer
File Transfer
Workflow for submitting a job
[you@lionxf] $ module avail
[you@lionxf] $ module load [software_name]/[software_version]
# Request 1 processors on 1 node
#PBS -l nodes=1:ppn=1

# Request walltime (how long will your program run?)
#PBS -l walltime=00:01:00

# Request 1 gigabyte of memory per process
#PBS -l pmem=1gb

# send an email if the job aborts (a) and when it ends (e) 
#PBS -mae

# send the email to this address
#PBS -M [your email address]

# Request that regular output and terminal output go to the same file
#PBS -j oe

# Run your program
# don't forget to load the software modules you are using if necessary
module load R/3.2.1
Rscript example.R

[you@lionxf]$ qsub my_job.pbs
[you@lionxf]$ qstat -u [penn state access_id]
[you@lionxf]$ qdel [jobnumber]