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Fridolin Linder

New York University, Department of Political Science, Room 431, 19 West 4th Street - -


August 2018-: Postdoctoral Associate, New York University, Social Media and Political Participation Lab.


2013-2018: PhD, Political Science, Social Data Analytics; Pennsylvania State University.

2011-2013: MA, Political Science; University of Mannheim (Germany) (1 year of course work at Washington University in St. Louis).

2008-2011: BA, Political Science; University of Vienna (Austria).

Peer Reviewed Publications

Active Learning Approaches for Labeling Text: Review and Assessment of the Performance of Active Learning Approaches. (Conditionally Accepted). Political Analysis (With Blake Miller and Walter R. Mebane Jr.).

A New Database for Inferring Public Policy Innovativeness and Diffusion Networks. (Forthcoming). Policy Studies Journal. (With Frederick Boehmke, Mark Brockway, Bruce Desmarais, Jeffrey Harden, Scott LaCombe und Hanna Wallach).

Text as Policy: Measuring Policy Similarity Through Bill Text Reuse. (2018). Policy Studies Journal. (With Bruce Desmarais, Matthew Burgess and Eugenia Giraudy). Link.

Exploratory Data Analysis using Random Forests. (2016). Journal of Open Source Software. (With Zachary M. Jones). Link.

Human Rights Texts: Converting Human Rights Primary Source Documents into Data.(2015). PLoS ONE 10 (9). (With Christopher J. Fariss, Charles Crabtree, Zachary M. Jones, Megan Bied, Taranamoll Kaur, Ana Ross and Michael Tsai). Link.

Psychometric Analysis of Residence and MOOC Assessment. (2015). Proceedings of the 2015 ASEE Annual Conference and Exposition, Seattle Washington. (With Eric Loken, Zita Oravecz and Conrad Tucker). Link.


ActiveStream: Machine learning (active learning) and query expansion for the Twitter Streaming API for improved data collection.

NetworkInference: R package to infer latent diffusion networks.

edarf: R package for exploratory data analysis with random forests (Contributor).

Selected Working Papers

Improved Data Collection from Online Sources Using Query Expansion and Active Learning, Link.

Privacy Protection for Natural Language Records: Neural Generative Models for Releasing Synthetic Twitter Data. (With Joshua Snoke and Alexander Ororbia), Link.

Professional Experience

Visiting Graduate Researcher, University of Zürich (Summer 2016): Policy Diffusion of Smoking Ban Legislation in US and Switzerland, Prof. Fabrizio Gilardi.

Eric and Wendy Schmidt Foundation, Data Science for Social Good Fellowship (2015).

Bundestag (German Parliament), Internship/Assistant for Silvia Schmidt, Member of Parliament (2008).

UNICEF, Cochabamba (Bolivia), Internship (2007).

Centro Cultural Ayopayamanta (Bolivia), Internship (2006 - 2007).

Technical Skills

Research: Design and analysis of quantitative observational and experimental studies.

Programming: Python, R (proficient), C++, Javascript (familiar)

Data Management: SQL, MongoDB, ElasticSearch

Languages: German (proficient), English (proficient), Spanish (advanced), French (beginner)

Research Assistance

Governance and Administration in Networks Lab, Prof. Bruce Desmarais (2016-2017).

Text as Policy: Measuring Policy Similarity through Bill Text Rese, Prof. Bruce Desmarais (2015-2016).

Bayesian Measurement Models for Large Scale Data, Prof. Eric Loken and Prof. Zita Oravecsz (BDSS IGERT Research Rotation, Department for Human Developmentand Family Studies, Penn State) (2014-2015).

Legislative Speech Project, Prof. Burt Monroe (2013-2014).

Text Analysis of German State Party Manifestos Prof. Thomas Bräuninger, University of Mannheim (2011-2013).

Protest Event Data for Austria, Prof. Wolfgang C. Müller, University of Vienna (2011).

Conference Presentations

State Politics and Policy (2017)

New Faces in Political Methodology (2017)

Society for Political Methodology Meeting (2014, 2016, 2017)

American Political Science Association Annual Meeting (2016)

Midwest Political Science Association Annual Meeting (2015)

Awards, Honors and Fellowships

Peter Schallmoser Award, Pennsylvania State University (2017).

Eric and Wendy Schmidt Foundation, Data Science for Social Good Fellowship (2015).

Big Data Social Science IGERT Fellow (2014-2016).

Graduate Scholar Award, Pennsylvania State University (2013).

Summer Research Grant, Pennsylvania State University (2014).

Fellowship, Baden-Württemberg Foundation (2012).

Performance Based Scholarship, University of Vienna (2010).



Introduction to Computational Text Analysis with Python (GEOG 596 Penn State 2016, Materials: 1, 2).

Introduction to UNIX Command Line and PSU High Performance Computing (BDSS IGERT 2015, Materials: 1, 2).


President of the Graduate Association in Political Science at Penn State (2016-2017).

Reviewer: American Political Science Review, American Journal of Political Science, American Sociological Review, Legislative Studies Quarterly.


Bruce Desmarais

Department of Political Science

Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (814)-863-8859

Burt Monroe

Department of Political Science

Pennsylvania State University

Phone: (814)-865-9215

Pablo Barberá

School of International Relations

University of Southern California

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